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concrete5 – CMS With Front-end Editing

When it comes to Content Management Systems, our options are plenty. On one hand, we have the ultra popular and robust options such as the likes of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and Expression Engine, whereas on the other hand, we have the equally powerful and slightly lesser known, yet praiseworthy, contenders such as MODX, SilverStripe, Ghost, PyroCMS, and so on.

Design - UX Design

Incorporating UX into Design

These buzz words “user experience” (UX) and “usability” get used often when it comes to web design. But they both boil down to making sure you are delivering the best website/software/app that matches the audience who will be using said product.

Coding - PHP

Using PHP and cURL to Scrape Web Pages

This is part of a continuing series on PHP programming. If you are brand new to PHP and want a more basic tutorial, check out our Introduction to PHP, then come back and complete this one. If you feel like you have the basics down, let’s jump right in. Today, we’re going to use cURL and PHP to scrape a website for data, specifically the list of most often downloaded ebooks at Project Gutenberg.

Coding - HTML5 - Android - iOS

Accessing User Device Photos with the HTML5 Camera API

Among the many developing utilities in HTML5 are various methods for accessing user pictures from mobile devices and webcams. In this tutorial we will use the Camera API to import a user photo into a Web page, displaying it in a canvas element.

Coding - PHP

Refactoring PHP Code

This tutorial is meant to introduce PHP programmers to the technique known as code refactoring, and explain why it should be part of any programmer’s development plan. If you are brand new to PHP and need a more basic tutorial first, check out our Introduction to PHP lesson, then come back to this one to build on that foundation.

Design - UX Design

Tools for Creating Mockups, Sitemaps and Wireframes

Before you start thinking about the design of a website, the first step is to think about your content and how it should be organized. I could do a whole other blog post on how to organize content on a website, but in this post I will discuss some of the tools to help you think through the early stages of a website.

Coding - PHP

WordPress Plugin Development, Lesson 3: Email Functions

This is the third in a series of tutorials meant to introduce programmers to WordPress plugin development. If you haven’t yet, I recommend you go through Lesson 1: Introduction to WP Plugin Development and Lesson 2: The Admin Page. Each one will only take you 10-20 minutes to complete, and then you’ll be ready for this tutorial. In today’s lesson, we’re going to move on from the basic string capabilities we used in our first plugin to something a little more complex: email functions.

Coding - HTML5

Rearranging Web Page Items with HTML5 Drag and Drop

With HTML5, you can allow users to drag and drop Web page items. Using a combination of HTML markup and JavaScript, you can implement drag and drop operations natively in supporting browsers. In this tutorial we will explore how you can use drag and drop functionality to let users rearrange the items in a list – the same principle applies to rearranging any element type.

Coding - CSS3

Using CSS3 Transitions

With CSS3 declarations you can add animated effects to your Web pages without relying on third-party technologies. You can define transition rules to determine how an element should change appearance, for example when the user hovers their mouse over it. By combining transition rules with CSS3 transforms, you can increase the level of complexity in these interactive effects. In this tutorial we will try out the essential features of CSS3 transitions.

Marketing - eCommerce

How to Easily Start Selling Digital Stuff on Your Website Without Losing Your Mind

So you have a nice shiny new blog, website, or whatever. It’s money time. You want to make some cash. So where do you start? It’s not quite as easy as you might think.

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