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10 Best WordPress Themes for 2014

When you start searching for WordPress themes – free or paid – you soon realize there are a great many of them. You can’t try them all and it is a huge time-saver when you can find a good list of recent themes. Without any illusions that this list is the best, here are my 2 cents to save you the hassle to find good free WordPress themes.

All the themes on the list are new – some of them have been released for the first time just months or weeks ago, while others have been around for long but have been recently updated to work with the latest versions of WordPress. In any case, these themes should be working throughout 2014 and beyond.

There are many varieties of WordPress themes and to make it easier for you to find exactly the theme you need, I’ve split the list into two groups – corporate/business themes and blog/magazine ones. Of course, the division is not strict – you could use some of the themes in the corporate/business category to power a blog/magazine type of site and vice versa.

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Corporate/Business WordPress Themes

1. WP-Corporate Kopa Theme

This free corporate WordPress theme, called WP-Corporate Kopa Theme is a responsive theme with multiple columns and a huge head. I myself would call the head oversized because it takes way too much space onscreen but since I know many of you love exactly this type of design, I start the list of business themes with this one. In addition to powering a business site, the theme can be used for a portfolio site as well.

WP-Corporate Kopa theme is built with Boostrap and it’s retina ready. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 and the design is tableless. The functionality of the theme is enhanced by a contact page with an Ajax/PHP Contact form, lots of shortcodes, and documentation (this one is not usually found in many otherwise good themes). As for fonts, it uses Google Web Fonts.


2. Rambo

Contrary to its name, Rambo is a very peaceful corporate WordPress theme. It has 2 columns and 4 to 5 level comment nesting. Aside from this, it’s a responsive theme created with the help of Twitter Bootstrap and it’s retina-ready. It comes with a blog template, so if you plan to create a corporate site that includes a blog, Rambo is a good choice.


3. Starter

Starter is a great clean and minimalist WordPress theme not only for starters. It’s a responsive theme with lots of air in it. You can use it for a corporate or a portfolio site. The theme is free to download but if you want to keep it, you need to pay. Nevertheless, if the theme is what you need, paying for it isn’t a huge problem.

03 - Starter

4. Spacious

If you are into WordPress themes with lots of air in them, then you will most certainly like the Spacious theme. Spacious is a responsive theme with a lot of features. It comes in a light and a dark version. The theme comes with an image slider, 4 different layouts, 6 templates, 13 widget areas and many other nice features.

One of the features I personally like is the option to choose the primary color to match your logo & website. Also, it’s worth noting that the theme is translation-ready and that at present it comes with translation in several languages, such as Russian, Norsk (Bokmål), Czech, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).

04 - Spacious

5. Decente

Most of the other themes in the Corporate/Business section can be used for a portfolio site as well, but if you want a theme that is specifically designed for portfolio sites, then Decente is an option to consider. Like most of the other themes on this list, Decente is a responsive theme but unlike them it’s not free and it’s built on the Frameshift framework.

If you buy the theme, you will see that it comes with multiple custom widgets, custom post layouts, shortcodes, and page templates. It even has a custom post type with a project editor that allows to showcase your portfolio in a better way.


Blog/Magazine WordPress Themes

Some of the WordPress themes in the previous section could be used for a blog/magazine site but if you want themes that are specifically designed for this purpose, here are 5 themes to pick from.

1. Metro

I must admit I have rarely seen a magazine theme with such a gorgeous layout as Metro. With its dozens of boxes for different content, you can make your magazine site really attractive.


Unfortunately, the site of the creators of Metro doesn’t include lots of information about the theme. It only says it’s a responsive theme and it’s completely free.

2. Hueman

Hueman is WP theme from late 2013 but it’s still cool. As you can guess, it’s a responsive, retina-ready theme with lots of styling options. It supports from 0 to 2 sidebars and 0 to 4 footer columns, boxed layout and unlimited widgets areas.

One of the perks of the Hueman theme is that it’s not image heavy. The layout does not depend on images but is almost totally handled via CSS, which makes this theme very fast to load.


3. Fast News

Here is one more Kopa theme – Fast News. It has a rich layout and of course, it’s a responsive theme. It comes with multiple layout options, unlimited sidebar, featured posts slider, etc. The theme comes in two versions – Light (it’s free) and Premium (costs $45). The Premium version comes with 600+ Google Web fonts, shortcodes and more custom widgets but even the free one is more than good for almost any blog/magazine.


4. Just Write

If you are looking for a clean and simple, yet nice WordPress theme, you may like the Just Write theme. It’s a responsive theme that comes with a theme customizer you can use to change the color scheme to your liking, custom widgets and menus, multiple sidebars, localization options, etc.


5. Serena

Serena is another theme from 2013 but it’s still great. It’s a clean, truly minimalist, and responsive theme and it’s a great choice, if you are looking for a really uncluttered theme that makes your text stand out. You can customize almost any aspect of the theme but even if you use it as it is, it’s still a top choice.



Needless to say, there are many other great WordPress themes for 2014 in addition to these 10 mentioned on the list. I picked 5 themes only in either category because I don’t believe it makes sense to include dozens of similar themes just to provide a long list. Rather, I’d include 5 fundamentally different WordPress themes you can use as-is or as a basis for customizations than 50 themes with minor differences.

I will be happy if the themes on the list appeal to you and if this helped you to choose the theme for your site. I personally like one of the themes really a lot and it will go straight to a WordPress site I manage, even though the present theme is not that old (but it could benefit from being replaced).

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