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6 Mobile SEO Elements of 2014 – Infographic

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is a topic that has increased in popularity as mobile phones have become a staple in everyone’s lives. If your 2014 SEO marketing plan does not have mobile search covered, then you have some work to do.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this nice infographic to help lessen the chore. Share this infographic with anyone you think could use some help on their mobile SEO:

6 Mobile SEO Elements of 2014

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In a few years time, the closest place to sourcing a telephone booth is likely to be in a museum. Yet, can’t you just remember those prehistoric days, sans cellphones? You know; the Facebook-less afternoons, void of Twitter updates and rapid text messaging during your lunch hour?

Yeah, neither can we. It appears that as technology progresses, so do our dependencies upon the 4.5-inch piece of plastic that has undoubtedly evolved into an inclusionary part of our daily lives. Think back on those few times you’ve left the house, without your mobile device. If you’re anything like the two-thirds of smartphone users who admit they “couldn’t live” with their pocket companions, you’re likely to have run the risk of running late….just to run back and retrieve your portable device (you can admit it, no judgement here!).

Not so surprisingly, an estimated 56 percent of American adults are proud, smartphone owners. What is surprising, however, are the minority of businesses that have yet to implement a mobile-friendly strategy for their next marketing endeavor. Statistics show that websites without mobile compatibility generate bounce rates that range between 85 – 90 percent. Theoretically, this results in a 10-25 percent loss of site traffic, alone.

Needless to say, it is paramount for small and medium business owners to jump on the mobile-friendly bandwagon. Still on the fence about the potential consequences of a device-intolerant website? Take a look above at our SEO-inspired infographic for some more “go mobile” incentives, then pass it on to your friends and social network!

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