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Ultimate Guide To Bootstrap Resources

If you haven’t heard about Bootstrap, start by reading our Boostrap 101 post or visit the Bootstrap website. If you want to see what can be done with Bootstrap, visit these sites: Bootstrap Expo and Built with Bootstrap.

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10 Responsive Website Templates and Themes for 2014

If you need to get a site up and running in a short time, consider implementing a theme or template for the content management system of your choice, or go for a straight HTML5 template. There are thousands of options out there, especially for WordPress. If you want to cut to the chase, check out the ones below.

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How to Improve Website Performance

Don’t be one of those designers who design without thinking about performance. Even if you have a gorgeous design, if it doesn’t load fast enough, no one will stay around long enough to appreciate it! In this article I’ll cover the main differences between performance and load testing and give you some guidelines on how to improve site performance.


Creating a Content Strategy

Let’s say you have a great idea for a blog. How will you get all your knowledge out there for the world to see? You might be brilliant and have so much to share, but you need to get the information across in such a way that will make sense to your audience. And, sharing is not enough anymore; you also need to stand out.

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CodeIgniter 101

Want to save time on PHP development? In this article, I’ll cover the CodeIgniter framework and will provide you with a list of additional resources. CodeIgniter (CI) is similar to Bootstrap, it’s an open-source toolkit that offers pre-existing code files for rapid development, but CodeIgniter is for PHP.

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Incorporating UX into Design

These buzz words “user experience” (UX) and “usability” get used often when it comes to web design. But they both boil down to making sure you are delivering the best website/software/app that matches the audience who will be using said product.

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Tools for Creating Mockups, Sitemaps and Wireframes

Before you start thinking about the design of a website, the first step is to think about your content and how it should be organized. I could do a whole other blog post on how to organize content on a website, but in this post I will discuss some of the tools to help you think through the early stages of a website.

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How To: HTML5 Background Video

Web design has changed significantly through the years, from static HTML pages to fully animated, interactive sites that respond to users. Videos play an important role in sharing unique content, they are ubiquitous on the web; and for certain sites videos are a must. If you want to show a video on your site and you want to create an engaging experience, consider incorporating a background video.

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Getting Started with Pay-per-click

Have you heard of pay-per-click (PPC)? Even if you think you haven’t, trust me you have seen it in action! Read on and I’ll give you a brief introduction to the advertisement model that has revolutionized the way we do business online.

Coding - HTML5 - Design - CSS3 - Responsive

Bootstrap 101

Want to save time on development? Want to learn the basics of a great foundation? In this article, I’ll briefly introduce you to Bootstrap and provide you with additional resources so you can learn more about it.

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