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Coding - HTML5

Animation and Interaction with SVGs

One of the many advantages to using SVGs in your Web pages is that you can use standard methods to interact with the elements inside them. In this tutorial we will demonstrate animating SVG elements and using JavaScript to implement interaction with them.

Coding - HTML5 - Android - iOS

Accessing User Device Photos with the HTML5 Camera API

Among the many developing utilities in HTML5 are various methods for accessing user pictures from mobile devices and webcams. In this tutorial we will use the Camera API to import a user photo into a Web page, displaying it in a canvas element.

Coding - HTML5

Rearranging Web Page Items with HTML5 Drag and Drop

With HTML5, you can allow users to drag and drop Web page items. Using a combination of HTML markup and JavaScript, you can implement drag and drop operations natively in supporting browsers. In this tutorial we will explore how you can use drag and drop functionality to let users rearrange the items in a list – the same principle applies to rearranging any element type.

Coding - CSS3

Using CSS3 Transitions

With CSS3 declarations you can add animated effects to your Web pages without relying on third-party technologies. You can define transition rules to determine how an element should change appearance, for example when the user hovers their mouse over it. By combining transition rules with CSS3 transforms, you can increase the level of complexity in these interactive effects. In this tutorial we will try out the essential features of CSS3 transitions.

Coding - HTML5

Get Started with HTML5 Canvas

With the HTML5 canvas, you can use JavaScript code to create drawings when the user views your page. These drawings can include animated elements and can even be interactive. You can use the canvas element even if your JavaScript is not advanced, creating shapes, coloring them and positioning them within your page.

Coding - Design - CSS3

Introducing CSS3 Animation

With CSS3 rules you can define more than just the style of your Web page elements. You can apply complex animations to items in your pages simply by including CSS declarations. In this tutorial we will work through the process of including a basic animation within a Web page. You should be able to complete the tutorial as long as you have some understanding of CSS.

Coding - HTML5 - Design

Introduction to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

If you want to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in your Web pages but don’t know where to start – it’s easier than you think. You can of course create SVG images using software programs such as Inkscape, but you can also author the SVG markup code yourself in any text editor. SVGs scale up and down to suit the user environment, making them well-suited to responsive designs.

Coding - Javascript - jQuery

Getting Started with jQuery

When you start enhancing Web pages using JavaScript you begin to see how interactivity can be built into your sites. However, coding sophisticated interaction features into Web pages can be laborious, particularly when it comes to browser compatibility. JavaScript libraries such as jQuery give you the ability to add complex effects to your pages without having to code the implementation details yourself.

Coding - Javascript

Interactive Web Page Functions with JavaScript

With JavaScript code, you can make your Web pages interactive. By adding small amounts of scripting code to your pages, you can detect and respond to various types of user events. In this tutorial we will work through the basics of using JavaScript – don’t worry if you have no programming experience as the syntax is very simple.

Design - CSS

Introduction to Web Development – Styling Web Pages with CSS

When you author Web pages using HTML markup, you can apply styling properties to your page content using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code. With CSS declarations working in conjunction with your HTML code, you can control various aspects of the layout and other presentation details of your pages, such as colors, fonts, background images, borders and much more. In this tutorial you will learn the essentials of CSS for styling your Web pages.

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