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How To: jQuery Add CSS and Remove CSS

There are multiple ways to add and remove CSS styling using jQuery. This is a quick tutorial to show you how. Sometimes you’ll have a need to, for example, have an element on the page change or disappear when the user performs an action, such as clicking or hovering. These are common tasks that frequently arise in web development. All of this can be achieved with just a little jQuery.

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How To Design A Killer Web Form And Win $7,500 While Doing It!

Today I’m going to show you the easiest way to design a killer web form, and while we’re at it, maybe win $7,500 or a host of other prizes.

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HTML5 Background Image Tutorial

Today you’re going to learn how to add a background image to your page using HTML5. In previous versions of HTML, you could use the background attribute of the body element: However, in HTML5, the background attribute is not supported.

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Ultimate Guide To Bootstrap Resources

If you haven’t heard about Bootstrap, start by reading our Boostrap 101 post or visit the Bootstrap website. If you want to see what can be done with Bootstrap, visit these sites: Bootstrap Expo and Built with Bootstrap.

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11 CSS Code Generators to Speed Your Work

I am very fond of any tool that speeds my work. These CSS code generators help a lot when you need to get some CSS code and don’t have the time to browse through references and specifications just to see how it’s done.

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Choosing the Right (Free) Web Font

Note: This article assumes you are somewhat familiar with typographic terms. You should also be familiar with scripting HTML and CSS, as you need to paste a few lines of code into the web page’s header, and set a font-family rule in CSS. In the web’s early days web designers used only web-safe fonts, because they were almost certainly available on most home computers.

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The Magic of Responsive Design

Pssst, it’s 2014, have you heard of responsive design? Even if you haven’t heard of it, you probably know what it is. If you surf the internet on your smartphone or tablet, you might have noticed that the browser resizes accordingly to fit the website on your screen (even when you switch to landscape mode!). The design is responding and adjusting accordingly to the device you’re using.

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Introduction to Web Development – Styling Web Pages with CSS

When you author Web pages using HTML markup, you can apply styling properties to your page content using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code. With CSS declarations working in conjunction with your HTML code, you can control various aspects of the layout and other presentation details of your pages, such as colors, fonts, background images, borders and much more. In this tutorial you will learn the essentials of CSS for styling your Web pages.

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How To Style <hr> with CSS

The horizontal rule is typically used as a divider in content or sections in HTML pages. Today I’m going to show you how to style the horizontal rule, or <hr> element, with CSS.

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