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Design Tips For eCommerce Websites

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going online, simply because the internet is gaining popularity with each passing day. Furthermore, due to our busy lifestyle, hardly any of us have the time and desire to visit mainstream retail outlets on a regular basis. As a result, online shopping, or eCommerce, is gaining momentum with each passing day.

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Incorporating UX into Design

These buzz words “user experience” (UX) and “usability” get used often when it comes to web design. But they both boil down to making sure you are delivering the best website/software/app that matches the audience who will be using said product.

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Tools for Creating Mockups, Sitemaps and Wireframes

Before you start thinking about the design of a website, the first step is to think about your content and how it should be organized. I could do a whole other blog post on how to organize content on a website, but in this post I will discuss some of the tools to help you think through the early stages of a website.

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Design Prototyping: Some Thoughts on Wireframes and Mockups

When it comes to design prototyping, there are various ways in which you can improve your efficiency. In web design, one such method is wireframing.

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The Role of Negative Space in Web Design

When it comes to web design, there are many concepts that deserve our attention, such as user experience, design elements, responsiveness, color selection, typography, and so on. One such concept associated with web design, and sadly often overlooked, is that of negative space.

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Five No-Tech Web Design Hacks that Will Make Your Website Awesomer

There are way too many things to keep in mind when designing a website. With all the developer details, architecture changes, and project managers carping about deadlines, we sometimes need a little no-tech inspiration on how to make websites look awesome. What follows are five ways to do just that.

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