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Top 10 Free Ghost Themes

Ever since its release, Ghost has taken the blogging world by a storm. It has grown in popularity with each passing day, and the fact that it offers a customizable hosted solution has further added to its USP.

Ghost focuses on providing a simple, no-nonsense blogging platform for users who do not like bloated software. Relying on Markdown, Ghost lets you create blogs within minutes and concentrate on content.

In this roundup, I have enlisted some of the most stunning free Ghost themes for you to use on your blogs.

Top 10 Free Ghost Themes

1. Velox

Velox is a responsive and minimal theme with focus on typography.


2. Digitus

Digitus is a minimal theme that comes with fitVids.js to help you embed videos out of the box.


3. Typesome

Typesome focuses entirely on typography. It comes with native support for Disqus and Google Analytics.


4. Portfolio

As the name suggests, Portfolio is a Ghost theme meant for portfolio sites.


5. Minimalistic

Minimalistic is a minimal and clean theme for Ghost blogs.


6. Landscape

Formerly a WordPress theme, Landscape has recently been ported to Ghost as well.


7. Day and Night

Day and Night is a theme with a black color scheme and grid-like layout. It is mostly suited for Ghost websites with a tumblog appeal.


8. Creator

Creator is primarily meant for photographers, designers, artists and anyone who is running a photoblog using Ghost. Be warned though: this theme makes heavy use of images and is practically useless if your posts do not have a featured image.


9. Swayze

Released by the popular WooThemes, Swayze is a content-centric theme for Ghost.


10. Bastard

If you can overlook the rather poor choice of name, Bastard is a very good theme. It is based on Bootstrap, is fully responsive and supports HighlightJS.


That brings us to the end of this roundup. Which of the above Ghost themes is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!

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