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Top Free CDN Services For Your Website

Unless you have spent the last few years shying away from the internet, there are good chances that you are well aware of the importance and benefits of using a good Content Delivery Network service.

A CDN is especially useful if you are running a busy website, or one with lots of images and multimedia content. However, most of the well known CDN services are paid. What if you are on a budget?

In that case, this article is meant for you. I have tried to put together some of the top free CDNs from around the web.

Top Free CDN Services For Your Website

1. CloudFlare

When it comes to CDNs, CloudFlare stands tall as the de facto leader. With its numerous data centers in nearly all parts of the globe as well as free DNS management service, CloudFlare is by far the most popular solution to help you speed up your website.


2. Incapsula

Incapsula is another popular CDN service that offers DDoS protection as well as website security. So you can both speed up your website and be assured of its safety. Their free plan does not include Web Application Firewall, though.


3. Jetpack Photon

Jetpack Photon is a module included with the Jetpack for WordPress plugin. It can speed up your website by caching and serving your images directly from WordPress’ global servers. However, you should note that it works only with images, and does not support non-WordPress websites.


4. Swarmify

Swarmify has a BETA plan that is currently free of cost for up to 250 GB of data transfer! Quite obviously, if you are looking for a CDN solution for a medium-sized website, this will easily suffice.


5. Coral CDN

Coral CDN is a peer-to-peer solution that can be used as handy CDN free of cost.


6. jsDelivr

jsDelivr offers hosting for JavaScript developers. So if your website uses a lot of JavaScript, you can reduce your server load by using the free jsDelivr CDN. It also has a WordPress plugin.



With that, we come to the end of this roundup.

So, which CDN service should you use? Basically, it depends a lot on your needs and requirements. However, since the topic here is “free CDN”, you are limited to the above few noteworthy choices only. There might be some other lesser known CDN providers out there who allow you to speed up your website for free, but I believe betting on a newer horse in terms of CDNs is rarely a good strategy. Services come and go, and your website should not suffer just because your CDN provider failed to keep their word.

If you are looking for a big one-size-fits-all solution, CloudFlare and Incapsula are two offerings that you should consider! If, on the other hand, you are on WordPress, you can use Jetpack Photon for images and jsDelivr for JavaScript.

I would not invest my time in the BETA plan of Swarmify though — they are undergoing a revamp, and last thing you’d want is discontinuation of the free plan. However, Coral CDN is a very interesting solution that works on the basis of URL suffixes, and you can use it with virtually any website since it is a P2P solution that utilizes a network of computers to cache and store content.

Which of the above CDN solutions is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us using the comments below!

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